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We here at EcoHomes.biz believe that everyone has a role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to climate change. Choosing an energy efficient appliance, which will save you money, is one way to do this. Use the appliance SEARCH option to find the most energy efficient appliances for your Eco Home. Alternatively, you can browse through a list of brands for each appliance by using the individual search categories below.

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Australia's ecological footprint

Australia has one of the world's largest ecological footprints, requiring 6.6 global hectares per person. Over 50% of Australia's footprint is due to greenhouse gas emissions, with the average household emitting around 14 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year. If all countries consumed the resources that we Australians do, it would take the biocapacity of three Earths to support this lifestyle.

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The message is clear and urgent

We have been exceeding the Earth's ability to support our lifestyle. Habitats are being destroyed, the soil and waterways are being irreparably degraded. We must get back into balance! And we can. Each of us can make some simple changes that will add up to a great deal of relief for our increasingly fragile planet.

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"The power to change is in your hands"

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