The WL-252DCX Air Conditioner by Nationwide Electrical

The WL-252DCX is a Single phase Non Ducted Window Wall air conditioner, made by Nationwide Electrical in Taiwan.

WL-252DCX Data Sheet
Brand: Nationwide Electrical
model-no: WL-252DCX
Depth: 290
width: 400
Height: 825
Application Standard: AS/NZS 3823.2 (2005)
National Standard: AS/NZS3823.1.1:1998 Amendment 3
AS Award:
Avg Power Crank Heater:
Avg pwr off mode:
Avg pwr Standby Mode: 3.9
CDE Humid Rated: 0.71
Configuration 1: Non Ducted
Configuration 2: Window Wall
Configuration 2 Unit Mount: N/A
Configuration 3 Sink: Air
Configuration 3 Source:
COP Rated:
COP Test Avg:
Manufactured In: Taiwan
C Power in p rated: 0.95
crankcaseheater: No
csenscoolrated: 1.89
ctotal-cool-rated: 2.6
EER Rated: 2.75
EER Test Avg: 2.79
H Power in P Rated:
indoortype: Calorimeter Room
new-sri-cool: 3.64
new-sri-heat: 0
new-star-cool: 3.5
new-star-heat: 0
outdoortype: Calorimeter Room
phase: Single
refrigerant: R22
soldin: Australia
submitid: 31774
submitstatus: Approved
type: Cooling Only

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