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What is EcoHomes.biz?

The Eco Home is an assessment project undertaken by a group of students at The Queensland University of Technology for KIB211 Design Studio 2 - Web Development. If you have any questions or comments regarding the site please use the contact form to get in touch with us. The project outline for the Eco Home assessment is as follows:

Eco Home Project Introduction:

The aim of this project is to design a web site that allows consumers to compare and contract the environmental ratings of typical household products. Specifically Energy Consumption and Water Use. And to understand the “ecological footprint” of the products they plan to purchase.

The final aim is to provide additional information, and services, that enable users to calculate, understand, and reduce the ecological footprint of their dwellings.

What does EcoHomes.biz do?

EcoHomes.biz is a website that allows users to compare energy efficiency ratings of consumer grade white-goods against each other. This is in order to help the user determine the most economical and environmentally friendly solution for their home. The website is a data driven site allowing the environmentally conscious user a degree of interactivity that will assist them in their research for white-good products that will suit their living requirements whilst having a minimal impact on the environment.

Our goal

The goal is to develop an intuitive interface that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional for the end user. In broad strokes the web-site will give consumers the ability to compare energy and water ratings on products within their Eco Home and aid them in purchasing environmental products in the future. The intended aim is to allow the general public and businesses to make educated decisions, in terms of environmental safety and awareness when purchasing white-goods and other electrical products.

Our mission statement

With this site we hope to:

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